Let’s rediscover the art of persuasion

I Started Schaus Creative LLC in 2021 as a way to help individuals, organizations and activists tell their story and — most importantly — motivate change in the world around them. And something I quickly noticed was just how much we, as a culture, have lost the capacity to actually persuade those around us.

And so began Creative Discourse — a place where we can rediscover the lost art and forgotten science of persuasion in a world that seems increasingly disinterested in pursuing it.

Our ability to insulate ourselves with like-minded individuals on social media, the explosion of censorious cultural attitudes, and our current era’s increasingly narrow-minded political tribalism make it seem as if much of the world has given up on the idea of changing minds — opting instead to simply shout a little louder when someone dares to challenge their worldview.

Unsurprisingly, such an environment has done untold damage to our traditionally liberal society. And such illiberalism has bred even more illiberalism — with the very foundation of free speech, open debate, and ideological diversity facing ever more hostility from an increasingly intolerant political and social culture.

In this newsletter, we will break down the “why” behind the preconceptions, perspectives, and deeply held convictions that seemingly divide us in our political and personal lives. We’ll explore behavioral economics, human nature, and the power of the English language to reevaluate the way we approach disagreement, and division.

Together, we will explore the way creativity and independent thought can motivate change and move us toward a future that is less inclined to the type of illiberalism currently defining our cultural era.

About Michael Schaus:

As an artist, writer and generally free-thinking guy, I have spent most of my professional life building brands and finding uncommonly creative ways to engage and mobilize new audiences. I have worked as a national columnist, political humorist, and director of communications for a non-profit think tank. In these roles, I helped launch a nationally syndicated talk show, build the viewership of a nationally recognized online publication, and have regularly transformed ideas, brands and concepts into stories that inspire change and motivate audiences. 

In other words, I’ve done my share of thinking about how to persuade, engage and motivate audiences in my professional capacity.  

In 2021, I founded Schaus Creative LLC — a creative studio dedicated to helping organizations, businesses and activists tell their story and motivate change. I still write regularly about public affairs and political philosophy as a regular columnist… and occasionally I even find time to retreat to the great outdoors for a little piece and quiet.

Here’s what you can expect with a free subscription:

  • A weekly Friday email sharing stories, commentaries, podcasts or other media that captures the importance of independent thought, creativity and persuasion — a list of media from the past week that challenges us to step out of our comfortable echo chamber and reconsider the way we engage with certain ideas.

  • Access to occasional longer-form columns exploring the power of independent thinking, creativity and active persuasion in political, personal or professional relationships.

With a paid subscription, you’ll be getting a bit more:

  • Everything you receive with the free experience, plus access to all our archives and regular weekly paid-subscriber content.

  • A weekly newsletter where we can explore current political, cultural and commercial trends — and the way they are influencing our world.

“Founding members” will be a part of our effort to expand the scope of this publication:

  • Sneak previews and special access to projects and collaborations I’m working on in my professional capacity — projects aimed at rediscovering the power of persuasion and independent thinking.

  • The chance to collaborate, contribute and pitch ideas for projects aimed at eroding the tribalism, groupthink and contempt currently plaguing much of modern culture.

I look forward to exploring the art and science of persuasion in an era seemingly defined by its absence. Let’s start changing some minds!

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Rediscovering the lost art and forgotten science of persuasion by thinking (and acting) creatively.


Michael Schaus

I help people, organizations and brands tell their stories and motivate change. SchausCreative.com